From molding a single part or producing a complete product made up of many assembled components in our assembly department, we offer many value-added services such as: ultra-sonic welding and fastening, hot foil stamping, hard coatings, and other specialized assembly operations. We can provide you services from very low volume to high volume production quantities with many lenses available in our Standard Lenses page.

Jp Mfg. is a quality driven manufacturer of plastic injection molded optical and non-optical products. Jp Mfg. provides services in molding, assembly of components, and products for a wide variety of consumer groups in many industries.
Jp Mfg. has been a source of satisfaction to large and small companies globally for over thirty years. Companies in the fields of electronics, scientific instrumentation, cameras, medical, educational, and hobbies have utilized the expertise of Jp Mfg. to produce some of their most important or difficult components.

Jp Mfg. is fully committed to providing our customers with the highest possible quality optical products at reasonable and competitive prices. Working in close partnerships with our customers and vendors while offering you the full involvement of our company’s personnel from top to bottom, your products can come to life with the help of Jp Mfg.